1-четверть Ответы СОЧ Английский язык 8 класс (с ответами) + Topics + карточки


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1-четверть Ответы СОЧ Английский язык 8 класс (с ответами) + Topics + карточки

Topic 1.
Hello, ХХХ! Thank you for your letter. I know how busy you are at university and I appreciate your writing to me such a long letter.
I can understand the problems you are having with your sister. I got the impression that she is not an ideal person to share a flat with, but none of us is.
I live with my family. I have a father, a mother, and a younger brother. There are four of us living in a two-bedroom flat. I often wish I lived alone and didn’t have to live with them. My brother and I sleep in one room, our parents sleep in the other. My brother is quite a noisy sleeper – he snores loudly and it can’t be helped. My parents are unhappily married and they often have awful rows. They throw things on the floor and shout at each other.
There can be many reasons for our conflicts. My brother and I go to school; our parents work from morning till evening. We all get tired by the evening. We have to spend our days dealing with people, and not all of those people are nice. Naturally, we become irritated and even frustrated. Most family conflicts come from misunderstanding: it is not always clear who is supposed to do what at home. My mother keeps reminding us that she is not a housemaid, my father is always tired, and my brother is quite useless for anything other than playing computer games.
I can give you a piece of advice: be patient. Our problems are temporary ones. They may seem serious, but they aren’t really. Try talking to the people you live with, they may be brought round to your point of view. Try listening to what they have to say, there may be something in it. Try finding some common ground, it may be a basis for a possible compromise.
Avoid quarrels, never be rude to your people and don’t answer back. Your relatives don’t really mean to insult you; they are just tired and frustrated. Everyone will be sorry in the morning.
I look forward to hearing from you soon, yours XXXXX
Topic 2.

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