СОР СОЧ Суммативное оценивание Английский язык 8 класс переделанные


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Tasks for the Summative Assessment for the term 2 8 form 2 variant

1. Listening

2. Reading Task. Predict the text. Then read the text.
Cave People coming our way
A new reality TV show called Cave People will be on our screens next year. Twelve celebrities (their names won’t be revealed before the programme actually starts) will be taken to a place somewhere in the mountains of Wales. They will live in a cave, with no modern equipment or food at all, although each star will be allowed to take one personal item. The star will be filmed 24 hours a day-hunting for animals in the nearby forest, looking for wood and learning to make fire. Six times a day, there will be clips on TV showing the most interesting scenes. Viewers at home will vote each week for the person who has to leave. The star who survives all this will pick up 1,000,000 pounds for charity and a recording contract for a CD.
Answer the questions.
1. Who will be the contestants in the programme? _____________________________________________________________________________________
2. Where are they going to live? _______________________________________________
3. What will each contestant be able to take with them? _____________________________________________________________________________________
4. How often will TV show scenes from the show? ____________________________________________________________________________________
5. How will the person who has to leave be chosen? ____________________________________________________________________________________
6. What are the prizes for the winner?
Total [6]

3. Writing
Task. Write comparison essay about Media of yesterday and today.
Criteria for writing: -make up an appropriate heading
-develop coherent arguments
-connects sentences into coherent paragraphs
-spell the topic vocabulary correctly
-use the layout of comparison essay
Total [6]
4. Speaking
Task. Choose 1 card and answer the questions. You have 1 minute to prepare and 3 minutes to speak. While speaking do not forget to use topic related vocabulary. Show interaction asking and answering questions.
Card 1
1. Do you think the news influences people too much?
2. Should people believe the information on mass media?
3. Would you like to work for the media? Why? Why not?
4. What are the good and bad things about the media in your country?

Card 2
1. What do you think about the way you eat every day?
2. How much water do you drink every day?
3. Are you usually excited about trying new food?
4. Do you think your diet needs to improve? In what way?

Card 3
1. In your opinion, what makes people feel happy?
2. Do you agree with the statement that healthy people are happy people? Why or why not?
3. What is the difference between traditional and non-traditional medicine?
4. What are the pros and cons of each of them?

Card 4
1. How would you describe modern information technology?
2. What problems are caused by modern information technology?
3. What new technologies are becoming popular?
4. What other technologies do you think will be invented in the future?

Total [6] Total marks _/24

SA 2 8 form 2 variant

Reading Answer keys: 1. The contestants of the programme will be twelve celebrities.
2. They will live in a cave in the mountains of Wales.
3. Each contestant will be allowed to take one personal item.
4. There will be clips on TV six times a day.
5. Viewers will vote each week.
6. The prizes for the winner 1,000,000 pounds for charity and a recording contract for a CD.
Total marks 12